Dream Center Dallas Impact

back to school

300 backpacks filled with school supplies and 100 pairs of new shoes given to families in need!


Because of the generosity of Juice Bar we have distributed 22,600 pounds of fresh produce to the families in South Dallas.

short term missions

In summer 2021 we hosted 5 short term missions teams, who went door to door handing out hot meals, groceries, household items, praying for people, seeing multiple salvations and healings.

patty cake
& Ms lena

Since the day we launched the Dream Center they haven’t missed a single event. Their hearts to serve in their own community is truly inspiring. There isn’t an event that goes by without them expressing gratitude for the joy and life the Dream Center brings. We were honored to host two special birthday parties to celebrate them both.

grocery drive-thru

Throughout the summer of 2020, in the middle of the COVID pandemic we ran a weekly Grocery Drive Thru that provided 29,300 meals to families.


Jose walked to the Dream Center to request a bed for his children as they had been sleeping on the floor. We delivered a queen sized bed with a bed frame and bedding to his family. They were filled with gratitude and humbled by the support of the Dream Center!


As a young adult, Jerry had moved back in to the neighborhood. His mother had always been advocating for him to come serve at the Dream Center, it only took one experience for him to find community and feel a part of something larger than himself. He loved it so much that he decided to join our serve team and has been there for every event since.

snow storm

The snow storm in 2021 left many senior citizens alone in their homes, with their caretakers unable to get to them. Dream Center Dallas went door to door delivering hot meals and groceries to each household.


As the owner of a local Mexican restaurant on our street, Pete was in need of many repairs and support in 2020. The Dream Center stepped in and painted his restaurant, provided lawn services, and delivered care packages when a few of his loved ones passed away. His dream was to serve alongside the place that has helped him so much, and in February he got the opportunity to fulfill that dream by delivering groceries during the snow storm to people in his own community.

momma dit

With an urgent call from Councilwoman Arnold we learned that a wheel chair bound 92 year old woman who had been living in her home since 1960 was no longer able to navigate her own home due to an uneven foundation. We were able to repair her foundation, build an ADA ramp, extend the front porch and improve the inside of the home for her to live comfortably. We also learned that her son Isaac had been unable to get to important medical appointments and we've been able to provide that transportation. It is the highlight of our week to get to visit with this precious family and serve them in any way possible!